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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Big Plans for 2011

I usually don't make New Year's resolutions because I just break them in like 5 minutes - but this year I'm going to make "goals" instead of resolutions. - I made personal "goals" and Jennifer Parke Photography "goals" - here are a few of my favorites

  • Make new connections (network baby!)
  • Upgrade my gear (I am always dying to do this but try terrible to control myself)
  • Learn new things (editing styles; organizational skills)
  • Rebrand ( getting the JPP website up and going was beyond frustrating for me and I gave up - and the hubs took over - but I need it to be a better representation of me - so I think I'm gonna have to get my hands dirty!)
  • Go to a workshop (either online or in person - they are so fun and the best way to learn and network - and I could cross off a couple of these resolutions all at once if I do that!~)
  • Take pictures every day! Session or no sessions (and I don't mean just taking pictures of my baby! Cause I really do that every day!)
So there they are! Did you make any "goals" or old fashioned resolutions this year? What are they? And do you think you will keep them?

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Caits said...

Ooooops I meant to make goals but forgot. I shall work on that today:)

You should start a 365 photo blog where you blog one photo each day (Rickey or other). That way you're accountable!! :)

avadee365.blogspot.com that's mine, all Ava though!