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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project Jimmy

Rickey and I have been working on a special project, we have been working with Michelle and Jimmy and trying to help promote Jimmy. You can see Jimmy's full story by clicking on his blog. But Jimmy is an adorable pitbull who has been through a terrible ordeal. Jimmy was found in Baltimore in August and he was tortured before he was rescued. Poor Jimmy had his nose chopped/hacked off and had burn marks on him. Jimmy is a fighter with an incredible spirit and he has been through several surgeries and still has a long way to recover. Jimmy was treated at BARCS animal shelter and then he went to the Homeward Bound Animal Rescue. Jimmy is currently with a foster family and when he is healthy enough he will be adopted! Jimmy's vet bills are quickly adding up and this is where you (and Rickey) come in!

A bowling fundraiser is being held in Clinton Township Michigan on Saturday November 13th, another way you can help is by going to Jimmy's blog and placing a donation; and the best way to help is by purchasing your very own Jimmy shirt! They are $12.99 and the proceeds go directly to Jimmy's vet care!

There is one more way you can help Jimmy - buy purchasing a Jennifer Parke Photography Photo session or gift certificate! Mention Jimmy when you book your session and Jennifer Parke Photography will donate 20% of the session fee to Jimmy's medical fund!
Email jenniferparkephotography@gmail.com to book your session.
Michigan friends don't feel left out JPP will be in Michigan in the
late spring/early summer if you would like a session then!

Check out Rickey in his Jimmy shirt!



(Please note that the pictures of Jimmy's scars can be upsetting for animal lovers)


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Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much Jen! I appreciate it, and Jimster does too! I added a link to your blog on the main page of Jimmy's, also one on the fan page by Ricky's pictures...THANK YOU!