" Jennifer Parke Photography: Day 7 and 1/2

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 7 and 1/2

This morning started out great I woke up and found this beautiful sunrise - and knew I had captured my photo of the day -

And then due to an amazing turn of events I was able to purchase this today -

Oh that's right - it's a Nikon D 90 - I truly believe it may be ------ no it is the most amazing camera in the entire world - and I show you this picture because it truly captures the excitment....i swear to you I was like a little kid on Christmas morning! I can not wait to see what this camera can really do!

Oh and I realize that it is 1:54am in my part of the world - but due to some other crazy events I was not able to post this blog until now - hence it being called day 7 1/2!

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