" Jennifer Parke Photography: Day 3 - A Crazyyyyyy Day

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 3 - A Crazyyyyyy Day

Well today was not a fabulous day - the day began with me spilling a pitcher full of water all over the counter and then not being able to get out the door without Pancakes (my kitten) standing in front of it and Meowing at me because he doesn't want me to leave!

About an hour later my water bottle spilled all over my cell phone. I knew I had a spare cell phone somewhere - and guess where - in my car which is in the shop. So I frantically called and had them search the car for my spare cell phone! I retrieved the cell phone and then had a quick bonding session with Miss Lily and her Mom Devon.

Then it was off to a crazy day full of home visits and a quick swim lesson- I finally got home just after 9o'clock after stopping at the store to get icecream and rootbeer to make a rootbeer float and guess what I forgot - rootbeer! Oh what a day! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day - better yet hopefully tomorrow will be a snow day!

I had a hard time squeezing taking some photos into this terrible day - but here is one that I was able to capture.

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